Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Having heard so much about the Godiva Chocolate I decided to give my kid a surprise treat. The first thing that came to my mind was that, God it is expensive! Should I indulge in this or go for the Swiss Miss itself? Then finally I decided to give a try and see what it tastes like because it is the talk of town. To be honest I am of the view that this is a hyped hot cocoa and I have paid far more than actually it deserves. But now I can also go around telling that I have tasted the Godiva. I am no longer ignorant of this iconic
chocolate drink.

According to me it is comparable to the Serendipity Hot Chocolate and there is nothing extraordinary about this for the price that I have paid. There is no doubt that it is delicious and exotic tempting drink, but you can make the same creamy drink at home at half the price. This is definitely good for those who do not have spare time to prepare dark chocolate drink powder at home. Moreover if you make the hot cocoa powder at home, you will be sure of the ingredients that go in.

If you take a look at the label on the package it states that it contains the artificial flavoring agent, vanillin. Hence this is not the purest chocolate hot cocoa as claimed by the Godiva. I find it excessively sweet and it leaves a strong aftertaste. This would be fine for those who have a sweet tooth. I prefer hot chocolate drink with just the right amount of sugar. I do agree that the Godiva Chocolate Classic milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa is positioned as a liquid
chocolate and hence the sweetness. So what I do is that add just half the amount of the powder as given in the instruction. This is a personal choice and you can add the powder according to your taste bud.

The aroma is really tempting and the seductive flavor would alert anyone nearby. I bet it is hard to resist a cup of hot chocolate at any part of the day. My kids just love them and crave for more. It is perfect to wash down an elaborate dinner with a mug of delectable cocoa drink. This makes a creamy beverage even with 2% milk and the body of the drink is smooth.

Work from Home

Work from home freelancers often do not have the time to relax. Others are able to leave the office and the job when they go home. Work from home freelancers are always at the office even when at home. This article will provide ways to relax as work from home freelancers.

Relax as Work from Home Freelancers Tip #1: Morning Walk

A brisk morning walk is great to help reduce stress
and to relax. The morning walk enables work from home freelancers to organize the day. Many times work from home freelancers begin the day at the computer checking email and attending other tasks. Taking a morning walk instead of starting the day at the computer will leave people feeling more organized and relaxed.

Relax as Work from Home Freelancers Tip #2: Soft Background Music

Playing soft background music while working from home can be relaxing. The background music can mask other annoying sounds such as traffic, barking dogs and appliances. Background music that is relaxing can help to soothe a person when situations arise that are stressful and tense.

Relax as Work from Home Freelancers Tip #3: Weekly Outing

Work from home freelancers do not typically have the time to leave the home for things other then errands. Time is usually spent juggling domestic responsibilities, paying bills, working and errand running. It is important to take time once a week to go somewhere such as the mall, gym, local park, fast food restaurant
or even a short drive.

Relax as Work from Home Freelancers Tip #4: Take Vacation Time

Often work from home freelancers are busy working while the rest of the household is on vacation. It is important to meet deadlines. Near vacation time, schedule tasks and deadlines to end before vacation.

Relax as Work from Home Freelancers Tip #5: Take a Day Off

The majority of people do not work every single day of the month. Shift workers even have a set number of days on rotation and then a couple days off. Work from home freelancers need to take a day off to relax, play games, enjoy the family and attend to other responsibilities. Working months at a time with no day off will cause stress
and burnout.
Relax as Work from Home Freelancers Tip #6: Hot Aromatherapy Showers

Instead of taking a rushed shower to get back to the job, work from home freelancers can take advantage of long, hot showers. Buy different scented shower gels and shampoos to enjoy in the shower.

Relax as Work from Home Freelancers Tip #7: Read for Fun

Too often work from home freelancers only read material that is job related. It is relaxing to read for fun and relaxation. Taking time to get the mind off of work topics and domestic responsibilities will help with relaxation, even if it is only five or ten minutes a day.

Relax as Work from Home Freelancers Tip #8: Start a Hobby or Craft

Take time to start a hobby that is fun and enjoyable. Spend five or ten minutes a day immersed in the hobby or craft. Do not be tempted to consider work related video taping, short story writing and painting
as hobbies and crafts. To relax the objective is to get the mind away from work related tasks and issues.

Relax as Work from Home Freelancers Tip #9: Share Experiences with Others

Employees in the traditional office setting spend time at the water cooler or break room talking about the weather, television
shows and other experiences. Work from home freelancers need to build a support group of adults to talk to about a wide range of topics. There are many "café" type forums available where people congregate to chat and relax.

Relax Work from Home Freelancers Tip #10: Get Sleep

Work from home freelancers have offices that never close. In the middle of the night, during holidays and even while sick there is usually the opportunity to work or attend to work related tasks. It is difficult for the body to relax if fatigued and on an irregular sleep
schedule. No relaxation suggestion is going to be successful if the person is too tired to enjoy them.

Work from home freelancers need to take time to relax and enjoy life. It is important to be creative and find ways to remove themselves from the work responsibilities and tasks. Take time off from work to do various things in order to relax. Find activities that are not work related to enjoy. In addition, work from home freelancers need to remember to get sleep.


A turkey is a big, domesticated bird that is native to North America. It has white plumage and a bare neck and head with a wattle on it. The turkey’s feathers are brown with some color on its tail and the tips of its wings.

The name turkey was given to this bird because it was thought to have originated in Turkey. This is not true though. The wild turkey is actually a staple food in the
diet of most North Americans. Quite a few of these domesticated turkeys were actually brought to North America by the Pilgrims in 1620. After their arrival the Wampanog Indian tribe introduced the wild turkey to the Pilgrims. Then in 1621 the Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving with the Wampanog Indian tribe. In fact, the Wampanog Indians were the Pilgrims guests of honor at this dinner. While there is no hard evidence, it is believed that turkey was eaten at this celebration. In 1863 Thanksgiving finally became an official holiday. President Abraham Lincoln made this proclamation. From that point on Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Turkey has always been associated with Thanksgiving. In fact, turkey is actually a very important part of the Thanksgiving dinner menu. This is why Thanksgiving Day has also been called “turkey day.” Generally a turkey weighs between 25 – 35 pounds. They can be purchased fresh or frozen. Their skin is smooth, soft and creamy. They should not have any bruises or cuts on them. Once you purchase your turkey you should not store it for any more than two days. This is true regardless as to whether you are storing it in the refrigerator or freezer. Before you store your turkey you also need to remove the giblets and store them separately.
Like other poultry products, bacteria can affect turkey. For this reason, the area in which you are cooking the turkey should be very clean. You also need to make sure that you properly wash and cook your turkey. If you are going to stuff your turkey you should do so right before it is baked. When the internal temperature of the turkey reaches at least 180 degrees F, you can be sure that the turkey is fully cooked. In order to check the turkey’s temperature you are going to need to use an internal meat thermometer.

There are numerous ways in which you can prepare your turkey for Thanksgiving Day. Some of the favorite ways in which to prepare turkey include:
· Turkey breast Diane
· Garlic roasted turkey
· Seasoned turkey with rice pilaf
· Turkey scaloppini

Some things that you can do with your leftover turkey include making:
· Grilled turkey brat hoagies
· Stir fried turkey with walnuts and cashews
· Turkey pizza
· Turkey sandwiches
· Turkey chili
· Turkey enchiladas
· Ginger lime turkey strips
· Turkey lasagna
· Turkey parmesan

Now that you know where your turkey comes from and how to properly prepare it, go enjoy your turkey and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Dog Benefit

Physical therapy helps dogs lose weight and recover from injuries.

A 75-pound dog walks effortlessly on the underwater treadmill, strengthening his surgically repaired elbow as he goes, wrote Kathy Van Mullekom.

"We're trying to build up his triceps," said Cori Baldwin, lead canine rehabilitator. "A lot of times we do exercises until they are obviously fatigued."

The underwater treadmill is one of several animal rehab techniques used at the St. Francis Pet Resort and Rehabilitation Center in Williamsburg, VA, according to a recent article.

"We've taken some dogs who could barely get across the room and worked with them on the treadmill until they last 25 minutes on it," said veterinarian Pamela Nersesian Dumont in a recent interview.

The Animal Clinic and Wellness Center, also in Williamsburg, offers a similar program, the article stated.

"Nationwide animal rehabilitation is a growing trend and emerging field of study at many veterinary medical schools," reports Mullekom. "Acceptance and demand for the specialty also helped create the animal physical therapy special interest group associated with the American Physical Therapy Association."

"It's not acceptable for a pet owner to pay for a knee surgery for Fluffy and just wait around for two months for it to heal," Amie Lamoreaux Hesbach told Mullekom.

Baldwin sets up the walking treadmill for Jewel's treatment at the center. She works with 12-year-old Jewel on the large ball in an attempt to help the dog's mobility and flexibility. In addition to post-operative clients St. Francis in Williamsburg works with aging, overweight dogs like Jewel, a clumber spaniel who weighed 67 pounds when she started therapy about four months ago, according to research.

"She seems to have a real blast there and it's been so good for her," said Loren Grimes, Jewel's owner, in the article.

When Baldwin and canine rehabilitation assistant Megan Stanley work with dogs like Jewel they are careful to push them only as far as each dog is willing to go, they say.
But right now a low-calorie cookie convinces Jewel to go a few more minutes so Baldwin inclines the treadmill and speeds it up to one mile per hour, according to reports.

Cooper enters the glassed-in box calm as can be, writes Mullekom. Cooper, a two-year-old black Lab, walks inside the underwater treadmill as Baldwin stands inside the tank.

Before any treatments are done dogs are evaluated for their condition and needs.

"Rehab is not invasive like surgery and something dogs enjoy," says Dumont.

Arthritis Pain

Millions of Americans have one form or another of the over one hundred different varieties of arthritis. Arthritis and exercise would not seem to be suitable partners, but doctors say that this is not the case at all. As a matter of fact, arthritis and exercise should go hand in hand. The benefits of exercising if you have arthritis are far reaching and can ease the pain of this often crippling disease.

The word arthritis literally means joint inflammation; the many forms of arthritis can cause joint stiffness, pain and affect muscles, tendons, bones and even internal organs. Those that suffer from arthritis often feel that exercise will further harm them, but studies have shown that the opposite is true. A regular exercise regimen can increase flexibility, help reduce weight, strengthen muscles and improve cardiac fitness. Obviously, exercise alone cannot conquer the pain of arthritis, but it can contribute to feeling better with the disease.

The type of exercise you undertake will depend on the type of arthritis you have and where it is most prominent in your body. Your physician can map out a plan for your exercise program with the help of a physical therapist. There will be some exercises that can do more harm than good to specific joints, and your doctor will know what to recommend based on your particular needs. 
There is a trio of exercise categories for people with arthritis. The first is range of motion exercise, such as stretching, that maintains normal joint movement and alleviates stiffness. Range of motion exercises should be done at least every other day and can be done every day. Strengthening exercises, or weight training, helps to increase muscle strength, which is important because strong muscle supports and protects those joints affected with the disease. Done with free weights, elastic bands, isometrics or exercise machines, this form of exercise should be performed every other day. It is imperative to do these exercises correctly to avoid muscle tears and more joint swelling. Thirdly, there is aerobic exercise, also called endurance exercise. Examples would be bicycling, walking, or swimming. Weight reduction, as well as cardiovascular fitness, is the main perk of this work out regimen. Twenty to thirty minutes, two or three times a week, is recommended.
To begin your exercise program if you have arthritis, contact your doctor and discuss it with them. He may involve a personal trainer or physical therapist. Warming up properly is crucial to avoid worsening your condition. Some people choose to use heat on their affected areas before exercising and cold packs afterward. You do not want to overdo it; progress at a slow pace until you feel comfortable with your program. Small amounts of weights are best for the strengthening program until you can safely handle more. Be sure to stop if the pain in your joints become increased and ask your doctor what you should try next. Choose the type of aerobic that you enjoy the most and stick with it. You will find that exercise and arthritis are not the strange bedfellows you thought they were!

A number of activities can help in your fight against the stiffness and pain of arthritis. Golf is a sport that can improve your range of motion, balance and coordination. It benefits the upper back, hips and spine. If arthritis has taken hold in your hands, you can purchase clubs with special grips. Yoga can help to tone your muscles and loosen your joints. Practiced by all age groups, it is growing wildly in popularity. Yoga lessens stress and tension and increases confidence; it has proven to be a very powerful tool to fight arthritis.

Water exercise is also becoming all the rage. It is a gentle way to exercise joints and muscles, as the support of the water in a pool or hot tub encourages free movement. Keep in mind that you could need help with getting in and out of the water. Walking is possibly the best endurance exercise for arthritis. It increase lung capacity, stamina, and makes your heart stronger. Walking also reinforces the muscles and tissues around the joints, supporting them better. Whatever exercise you decide upon, always make sure to recognize that fatigue, dizziness, continuing pain, increased weakness and decreased range of motion are signs that you could be taking on to much at once. If you find an appropriate exercise regimen, you may be able to make it a lifetime habit that will lessen the grip that arthritis has on you.