Friday, January 16, 2009

Hot Stocks for 2009

We believe stem cell stocks will get a huge amount of attention in 2009 and become some of the hot stocks of 2009. Stem cell stocks are companies that research and develop stem cells or enable the use of stem cells by doctors and hospitals. Several stem cell stocks are penny stocks that could move up several times their current value.
Stem cells are unspecialized cells that give rise to a specific specialized cell. Stem cells can revolutionize the field of regenerative/reparative medicine. Stem cells are extremely powerful and can dramatically change how we treat various diseases.
There are two kinds of stem cells from animals and humans (embryonic and adult stem cells). Embryonic stem cell research has been a hot topic. A research funding and support bill that came out of Congress under the current Presidency was vetoed.
Right now, it’s a mixed bag, we are starting to see some stem cell stocks move and others still in a downtrend, but we believe this is just the beginning of a turn around for small cap stocks in the stem cell industry. Stem cell stocks have been severely hampered by policy and lack of funding and support over the past several years.
But... we believe stem cell stocks will breakout and become some of the most popular stocks and best stocks on Wall Street. We believe stem cell stocks are good stocks at this time. Stem cell companies are looking for policy that funds and supports their research and development of stem cells.
We believe stem cell companies will get that support by way of the 2008 Presidential elections. This is not a foregone conclusion that the White House will be pro-stem cells after this year’s general elections; however, both Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain are pro-stem cells.
Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic Presidential nominee, has released a statement of support for stem cell research on his Senate page. Senator Barack Obama believes we should expand and accelerate research using embryonic stem cells, just as we should continue to explore the viability of adult stem cell use and cord blood use.
The Republican Presidential nominee is Senator John McCain. Senator McCain has long supported embryonic stem cell research on embryos that would otherwise be discarded during assisted reproduction, but has been receiving pressure from the Republican base to drop support for embryonic stem cell research.
Investors are still just starting to price this future potential into stem cell stocks. Analysts and investment managers in hedge funds and mutual funds could start loading up on stem cell stocks across the board.
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