Thursday, November 20, 2008

You are being attack! and you don't know it!

It's hunting season in America, and you know what that means! Your
sons and daughters will be asking why all the men in your family are
killing Santa's reindeer. (Have fun explaining that one!) But that's
not the worst of it; it's also that time of the year when more idiots
with guns injure and kill themselves and other people.

But this season really started out with a bang, as far as crazy gun
stories go. There were two big stories that didn't involve hunters
(well, the guys that owned the guns might have enjoyed hunting; we
just don't know). First there was the child who was killed while trick
or treating. He, his brother, and his father were all shot on the
doorstep of some psycho who "thought they might be robbers". His
father and brother survived, but he did not.

Then we have the story of the 8-year-old boy that shot and killed his
father and another man, likely out of anger. The boy obviously had
been taught how to use a gun, but didn't quite understand the
repercussions of doing so on another human being. The boy's fate is
still undecided.

And now for the hunting tales of woe. Last year there was a story of a
hunter whose dog shot him in the rear (the dog stepped on the trigger
of the gun). At least someone got what he deserved! Recently a hunter
killed a toddler. She was sitting in her grandparent's house when a
bullet ripped through the wall of the trailer and killed her. Another
man killed his 6-year-old daughter while cleaning his gun, and back in
July, a man killed his pregnant wife doing the same thing. In Idaho a
man was shot and killed by a member of his own hunting party who
mistook him for an elk, and another hunter in Michigan was killed in a
deer blind by a woman who was aiming at a deer. I could really go on
and on with these terrible stories, but the liberal media churns
plenty of them out for you to enjoy every day. (Charlton Heston is
rolling over in his grave.)

I know Americans enjoy their guns, but growing up with a father who
took sadistic pleasure in hunting down and killing the best of the
best bull elk around the country made me realize that many people
don't hunt because they enjoy the meat; they do it because they like
killing things- really big things, and I definitely cannot condone the
practice of trying to kill the biggest, strongest bull or buck with
the best genes, because these are the males that ensure that their
species will continue to be healthy and thrive. By killing them off,
we're weakening the gene pool and the entire population of wild game.
But that's just the half of it.

If people are going to continue to use guns in the irresponsible way
that they are, they shouldn't be allowed to have them. The whole
purpose of guns is to kill, after all, and people seem to be doing a
good job of using them for this purpose, often on the innocent and
their own family members. But I know Americans won't stop clinging to
their guns anytime soon.

As long as we live in a society where people enjoy killing, love
playing violent video games and watching violent movies, and treat
their guns as toys, the liberal media will continue to report stories
like these, and your second amendment right will continue to be under