Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jennifer Anniston and John Break Up Again

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We are just getting past media scrutiny of Jennifer Aniston's angst with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but there will be no down time for Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have called it quits, for the second time.

A friend of Aniston told Hello Magazine, that the decision to break up with John Mayer was hers. Jennifer returned last week from promoting "Marley & Me" in the UK and, according to reports, broke off the relationship which had become cold after their Oscar date in the limelight. We were told the famous shot of her smile toward Brangelina was "all for John," who was sitting behind them. Was it really "all for John?" or was it, like all of her publicity stunts all for Jen. Jennifer Aniston is one of the slickest celebrities when it comes to getting free PR via true life drama.

I can't help but wonder if Jennifer Aniston's on-again-off-again relationship with John Mayer will work to enhance Jen's PR as her new film, "He's Just Not that in to You," is released.

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No one in Hollywood would manipulate the public like that. Would they?

Jennifer Anniston has yet to make public comment. When she does it will be well planned and well stated. Sweet, sweet Jen is always above the frackus. She does an incredible job playing the innocent, jilted woman, only this time Jennifer Anniston is the jilter and Mayer is allegedly the jilted.

John Mayer appears nonchalant about the second of his break-ups with Jennifer Aniston, especially for someone who was dumped. He took credit (or blame?) for the first break-up with Aniston, but doesn't seem bothered by this break-up.

John Mayer spent time last night on Twitter making up six word stories, a la Hemmingway, with fans. I guess "he's just not that in to" Jennifer.

Aniston continues to increase film credits. She is a good enough actress, but I had to laugh when Hello Magazine reported that she has mentioned wanting to play a 007 girl.

She may actually be under consideration for a role with Bond. This would take James Bond to an all new level --- from which I'm not sure it would ever recover.

Meanwhile, back in the romance arena, word has it that she has set her sights on British heart throb Daniel Craig.

Maybe Jennifer Aniston will do us all a favor and just move to the UK altogether.